Sweet BBQ Rub Seasoning


Garcia Spices SWEET BBQ RUB:
  • Specially Made For Ribs.
  • Great on Beef, Chicken, Pork and Seafood Also.
  • Perfect For BBQ and Grilling.
  • Blend of Spices, Sugar, Salt and Honey Powder.
  • Smoky and Sweet Taste.
  • Small Business Owned.

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Garcia Spice’s SWEET BBQ RUB Seasoning helps elevate the taste of your beef, chicken and pork. Use Garcia Spice’s Sweet BBQ Rub on your next cookout for a flavorful experience. Create mouth-watering Ribs and more. Garcia Spice’s Sweet BBQ Rub is sure to be a hit at your next cookout, BBQ competition and at the table!* Garcia Spices is small business owned & a supporter of other small businesses*


Ingredients: Sugar, salt, spices, chili pepper, honey powder, paprika, garlic, mustard seeds, less than 2% silicone dioxide (anticaking), celery seeds.


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