Red Fajita Seasoning

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Garcia Spices Red Fajita Seasoning:

  • Specially made for cooking flavor-packed fajitas.
  • Our most popular & a local favorite
  • Great on meats, poultry and even eggs (customer tip)!
  • Gives an eye-catching color to your meats/meals.
  • Versatile flavor that goes great on ANYTHING.

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Garcia Spices Red Fajita Seasoning Will Bring a Flavorful Taste To Your Meat That Will Have Your Mouth Watering In No Time. Use Garcia Spice’s Red Fajita Seasoning to Create Tender and Authentic-Tasting Fajitas And Other Dishes, Each And Every Time. Packed In a Convenient Round Plastic Spice Jar With a Screw-Cap Shaker For an Easy And Generous Application, Garcia Spices Red Fajita Seasoning Is Sure To Be a Hit at Your Next Cookout Or Gathering!

Instructions: Put skirt meat in a bowl. Add juice of pineapple or orange, enough to cover meat, then evenly sprinkle on Garcia Spices Red Fajita Seasoning. Stir well, let stand 30-45 min before grilling. || Poner Fajita en un bowl y añadir jugo de piña o naranja hasta cubrir toda la carne, luego sazone con suficiente Garcia Spices Red Fajita Sazonador. Mezcle bien y deje reposar entre 30-45 min antes de asar.

Taste & Aroma: Salt, garlic, onion, and Mexican-style spices.



Ingredients: Salt, monosodium glutamate, chili pepper, paprika, sugar, garlic, black pepper, onion, soybean oil (fully refined), silicon dioxide 1% (anti-caking agent), and papain (tenderizer).


2 reviews for Red Fajita Seasoning

  1. Del

    This stuff is awesome! By far best fajita seasoning I’ve ever had, highly recommend.

  2. Kolona Morin

    We used to live in Fort Worth, Texas and purchased this spice all the time. When we moved back to the Pacific Northwest we brought some with us. However, that soon ran out. We have tried numerous fajita seasonings but none like Garcia. My husband insisted that I try to find a way to get him some. I was extremely excited to find it online. Thank you so much. There is none like you!

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